Mr.Sojiro Kono

Message from the president

              We are dedicated to Thailand ‘s automotive industry we established and began operation in the year 1996 as a prime manufacturer of welding equipment. Now we also export to different countries in an addition to that we serve equipment and tooling to other industries.

              The company’s philosophy is “We dedicate to society through employee happiness”. employees maintain their wellness in both physical and mental health, while doing their work proudly, they make their families happy and make customers feel they can rely on our work.

              Our slogan is “We will go beyond Japan with everyone ‘s wisdom and devising”. Japan is a standard model, we prepare ourselves to technology ideas and present them to customers to fulfill their needs and expectations. In order to achieve this, we rely completely on our people, provide unlimited opportunities to develop their skill and knowledge. We urge them to work abroad with customers.

              We are prepared and motivated to become the global equipment maker which has Thailand as our manufacturing base. We challenge future changes and became the strongest leader among equipment makers.

Mr.Sojiro Kono
3D Printer RAISE (3D Pro2 Plus)
Misubishi MVR 30
Shin Nippon Koki RB4-V
NC Milling Machine ( No.1 - 2 ) OKUMA & HOWA (FMR-30 , FMR-40)
CNC Milling Machine ( No.1 - 4 ) MAKINO , N-TECH , LILIAN (KE-55 , VMC-1166 , BM-5V CNC)
CNC Vertical Machining Center OKUMA (GENOS M560-V-e)
CNC Horizontal Boring And Milling Machine FORTWORTH (HB-110B)
CNC Wirecut Machine SODICK (VL-600Q)
CNC Lathe Machine TAKISAWA (TAC-510 L10)
Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting AMADA (HK-400)