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ISO Certificates 9001 (2015)

Quality Policy:

The satisfaction of customers comes first. We will use new technologies and practice technical skills to obtain customer’s satisfaction, We will delivery only the products that satisfy our customers.

ISO Certificates 14001 (2015)

Environment Policy:

Strictly respect the environment laws and regulations of the communities and countries involved. Always aware of environment impact from our activities, we will improve our processes for better environment.

– Reduce waste and garbage, encourage and promote company-wide energy and resource saving.

– Promote and encourage all employees and relevant parties to understand their roles and responsibilities toward environment management system.

– Develop and adjust to harmonize with local society. Continue to improve environment management system in order to reduce environment impacts.

– Establish environment management objective and target. Set up a plan to implement and follow up. Once the target has been achieved, the new challenge target shall be allocated for better improvement.

ISO Certificates 27001 (2013)

Information Security Policy

Object to be aware :

1. Confidential information leakage from unauthorized access with dishonest purpose

2. Confidential information leakage from careless physical methods.

3. Employee and relevant personnel’s malpractice.

4. Other issues from normal business operation related to information security.

Implement Policies :

1. We will not use or employ a person or organization which has dishonest history or can make risks to information security.

2. We will do not breach ore promises and commitments to secure our own of our customer’s confidential information.

3. We create and environment to protect information assets and to prevent employee’s malpractice.

4. We respect relevant laws and regulations and follow strictly.

3D Printer RAISE (3D Pro2 Plus)
Misubishi MVR 30
Shin Nippon Koki RB4-V
NC Milling Machine ( No.1 - 2 ) OKUMA & HOWA (FMR-30 , FMR-40)
CNC Milling Machine ( No.1 - 4 ) MAKINO , N-TECH , LILIAN (KE-55 , VMC-1166 , BM-5V CNC)
CNC Vertical Machining Center OKUMA (GENOS M560-V-e)
CNC Horizontal Boring And Milling Machine FORTWORTH (HB-110B)
CNC Wirecut Machine SODICK (VL-600Q)
CNC Lathe Machine TAKISAWA (TAC-510 L10)
Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting AMADA (HK-400)